Want to know how to acquire visits to your e-commerce site? A business website is the first step to the online marketing world. However, that is only the first step. What comes next is even more critical to success. You need to bring people to your site. Even if you have the best e-commerce website, you need traffic. Sustainable growth isn’t guaranteed.

Driving traffic to your site is critical. Design a site that drives your prospects through the conversion funnel. Then, increase the visitors to your site. There are many ways to acquire visits, from paid methods to free ones.

Paid Advertisements

You have seen ads on the side of your Facebook feed. All of these ads are placed by different site owners. Facebook ads acquire visits and generate traffic to their site. Despite being a paid method, PPCs have a high ROI. For the best performance, these ads need to reach the right audience. People who click your ad are likely to become customers.

These PPC ads are worth the investment. Your business can accumulate a database of customers. The leads can be directed through the conversion funnel immediately. Or, you can keep them in a database for future use. There is no end to where you can place your paid ads. You can even pay to display your ad on Google.


Media Space Purchase

Media space is a fixed-cost form of advertising. You pay a fixed amount for space on a blog that’s relevant to your business. These ads can be very advantageous. The people that frequent these blogs are interested in specific subjects. For example, a car accessory retailer could rent space on a blog for car lovers.

Rent media space that has a high volume of your target demographics. If the blog loses traffic, the ROI will lower. But, this form of advertisement doesn’t have a huge price tag.


Acquire Visits Organically with SEO

Search engine optimization is a great way to acquire visits. SEO drives relevant traffic to your site at almost zero cost. The main focus is keyword optimization. In addition, you need to be aware of engagement metrics. Linking to trustworthy sites also strengthens the content for SEO.

Focus on high-quality content that satisfies your customer’s needs. To rank high in search results for your best keywords, the content must be relevant. Investing in SEO means your site populates the top of search engine results. SEO, however, is an ongoing process. You can do it on your own, but it’s best to hire professionals.


Blog Marketing

Blog marketing takes about 1-3 months to come to fruition. Develop an understanding of the user’s intent. What are they searching for? Provide that information through your blog posts. Once you start posting blogs, provide relevant links to trusted sites. High-quality external links increase ranking on search engines. This also forms affiliate blogs. This cross-promotion will acquire visits to your web page over time.

These are a few techniques to use your blog as a tool. Implementing them will divert traffic to your e-commerce site. When writing a blog post, offer information that’s relevant to your prospects. Through your blog, you can provide answers to customer concerns. In addition, you can lead them to a solution (i.e. your e-commerce site.) You can also post on guest blogs sites that already have plenty of traffic.


How to Acquire Visits with Video Marketing

Video marketing is a new alternative to TV commercials. Visual engagement has a bigger impact than written content. However, it has a broader outreach despite the low cost. You can acquire visits to your website by uploading relevant videos. Makes sure that the videos are valuable to your prospects.

The possibilities are endless. You can make informative videos or funny ones. A well-crafted video has the potential to go viral. It may seem like video costs more than other forms of content. But, the ROI and traffic generated make them worth the money.

Social Media Marketing to Acquire Visits

Social media marketing is very effective. When you think of digital marketing, you probably think of social media. Major platforms, like Facebook, offer opportunities to set up an e-commerce shop on their site. But, you can also use these channels to divert traffic to your site. You can invest in paid advertising on social media sites. Or, you can simply engage clients with relevant content. Social media has the potential to acquire visits to your e-commerce site.


Email Marketing

E-mail and automation are effective for B2B operations. Services sell batches of email IDs belonging to certain demographics. You can purchase lists for your target market. Then, send a notification via email to divert traffic to your site. Make sure the content of the email is tailored to your customers. If it seems like spam, it will get deleted and won’t be seen.

You can also use software for email scheduling. With this, you can queue content to be sent over a period of time. Use automation to remind your customers of your site.


Remember, the objective of acquiring visits is to attract them to the bottom of your conversion funnel. Hence, the message must have a strong first impression. Pay attention to the feedback from your audience. Update your marketing content to satisfy their needs. Don’t focus on generating temporary traffic. Instead, focus on the sustainable growth of your online channel.