Amazon Management Overview

The first step in our Amazon management process is to find out the needs of the brand we are working with. We look at the economics of your product offering compared to the Amazon economics to provide a realistic expectation of what can be achieved.

Next is setting up the account properly. We work with our clients to ensure their account is fully set up for sales, including creating a professional seller profile, setting up payment and shipping options, and ensuring all product listings are optimized, complete, and accurate.

Once the account is set up, we manage inventory levels and promotions. We regularly monitor inventory levels to ensure our clients never run out of stock and miss out on potential sales. We also help our clients set up promotions and coupons to attract customers and increase sales.

Amazon Management

Amazon Sales Process

Customer interactions are essential to any Amazon management process, and we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We regularly monitor customer feedback, promptly respond to customer inquiries and comments, and address customer complaints or issues.

We use various metrics and tools to maintain sales, customer experience, and brand reputation. We regularly analyze sales data, including sales velocity, revenue, and profit margins, to identify trends and adjust strategies accordingly. We also track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and impressions to improve product listings and advertising campaigns.

Amazon Growth Process

At CrunchGrowth, we use data to create and implement effective selling management practices for each client. We analyze client data to identify target audiences and develop tailored strategies that exploit Amazon’s algorithms and promotions. Our execution plan includes the following:

  • Optimizing product listings.
  • Creating targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Continually monitoring and adjusting strategies to maximize sales and revenue growth.

Amazon Management

Our Amazon management process includes the following:

  • Economic overview
  • Setting up the account.
  • Managing inventory levels and promotions.
  • Customer interactions.
  • Tracking metrics.
  • Using data to create and implement effective management practices.

Our goal is to help our clients develop a selling strategy and execution plan that leads to sales and revenue growth on Amazon.

CrunchGrowth ensures your brand is in the Amazon Brand Registry to protect the brand from hijackers and counterfeits

We have been sellers on Amazon since 2006.  We understand how to optimize Amazon product pages to work with the algorithm

We manage several million dollars of ads for our clients using AI tools to optimize performance and grow sales within the target ROAS

We work with our clients to keep the Amazon customers happy and drive great reviews and part of that is staying in-stock on critical items.

CrunchGrowth provides regular reporting to our clients using various dashboards to show the progress of our efforts to grow the clients sales and profits.

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