It can be difficult for business owners to afford advertising expenses for their products and services. Google provides a solution to this problem: Google AdWords. Adwords is an inexpensive way to advertise your product. However, it would help if you did some careful planning before entering into the AdWords interface, or you can lose thousands of dollars.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords are keyword-based ads. They appear on the Google page’s right-hand side, under sponsored links. If a customer searches keywords related to your product, they will see your product ad with their search results. For your product ad to show on the sponsored list, you have to spend on your campaign. Your bid increases the product’s relevance. Then, it will rank higher because Google AdWords is a pay per click service. Essentially, you pay Google when someone clicks on your ad.

These ads appear on the top right of the page. They start to look more organic when Google places a yellow ad label on them. Google AdWords allows the owners of different products and services to reach many customers.

Principles of AdWords

Choose keywords that are likely to be searched on the Google search engine. Then, create an ad related to those keywords by selecting your ad’s ad language and geographical location. You may not be the only one using the same keyword for the same product. If so, you have to bid more than your rivals to get your Adwords to the top of the page. The more PPC (pay per click) you get, the more your ad will appear in search.

Landing Pages

Create specific landing pages directly related to your ad. This step will maximize your chances of turning visitors into customers.


Google checks how relevant your adwords are to the visitor and the keyword. Google also looks at (CTR) click-through rate of your ad, which is how many clicks you received previously. Finally, they gauge the relevance of your landing page. If your bid is less than your competitors, your ad may appear above the competitor’s ad if the quality score is superior. The better the score, the higher the ad will rank.

How Bidding Works

The price you pay for each click on your ad is known as (CPC) cost per click. You can pick a minimum or maximum bid amount. But if you choose the automatic option, the AdWords interface will select the bidding amount for your product within your budget.

There is another method known as (CPM) cost per impression. In this method, you will pay Google for every 1,000 times your ad appears on the page.


This process decides which advertisement will appear for a particular keyword and the order of the ads. It is essential to know how an auction works:

  1. When a visitor searches a specific keyword, the AdWords system finds all the ads related to that keyword.
  2. The AdWords system finds and ignores ads that are not eligible or target a different country.
  3. The AdWords system shows the ads with a high ranking. It is a combination of quality and bid.
  4. With highly relevant keywords, you can still win the higher position at a lesser price.
  5. The process of an auction is continuously repeating with every single search visitors made. Due to this reason, you can see some fluctuations in your ad’s position.

10 Ways to Increase the Sales and Win the Competition

  1. Select the right keyword. This decision is the first step towards success in Google AdWords. Make sure to select a relevant keyword for your product.
  2. Search the keyword of your product regularly on the Google search engine. If you see fluctuation more often, change the keyword.
  3. Increase the chances of higher rank by organizing and designing the groups of keywords.
  4. Generate an efficient and attractive advertisement by showing the advantages of your product so visitors will click.
  5. Set a unique bid to defeat your rivals.
  6. Focus on mobile traffic with AdWords. Remember, over 60% of ad traffic comes from mobile. So, mobile can generate your most profitable ads on Google.
  7. To achieve your objectives, allow Google AdWords to set the bid automatically. This will increase conversion.
  8. Work on your display. Make it as attractive as possible to increase the chance of sales.
  9. Increase the performance of your ad by setting the campaign with manual settings.
  10. Frequently use RLSA (Remarketing lists for search ads) because it can increase the conversion rate and conversion volume.


Ironically, AdWords works so well that research found 43% of the customers are unaware of Google AdWords. Visitors can easily overlook search results depending on the screen quality or their eyesight.


  • Google Shopping.
  • Yahoo Bing.
  • Search Engine Optimization.


  • For e-commerce activities, Google AdWords use is beneficial to increase sales.
  • Google AdWords is faster than both SEO and Yahoo Bing because it can use multiple keywords simultaneously. The campaign can be on and off whenever you want. The ads on the top of the search page get immediate visibility.
  • Ipsos (Partners of Google) completed a study across 12 verticals, right from retail to automobiles. The study concluded that awareness increases by an average of 6.8% from search ads.