As technology evolves, so does the way customers connect with their favorite brands. The evolution of short form video has allowed brands to engage with their customers in a meaningful way that drives sales conversions. From Amazon to Pinterest, the ability to add video to product pages has become an effective marketing tool and is proving more powerful than paid advertising in some cases. Let’s dive into how this technology is changing the way brands engage with their customers.

The Benefits of Short Form Video

Short form video provides a platform for brands to tell a story, build relationships, and most importantly, drive sales conversions. Instagram Reels and TikTok have become popular channels for companies to showcase products and services through creative visuals and soundtracks that are both engaging and entertaining for viewers. YouTube Shorts provide quick snippets of information about a product or service that entice viewers to learn more and click through to the company website.

These videos can also be used as part of digital campaigns targeted towards specific audiences who are likely interested in the product or service being offered by the brand. This type of targeted advertising can be extremely effective because it reduces wasted ad spend on people who may not be interested in what you’re offering.

Creating Engaging Short Form Videos

Creating effective short form videos requires careful planning and execution if you want them to be successful at driving sales conversions. It’s important that your videos are visually appealing while providing valuable content that viewers will find interesting enough to watch all the way through until they reach your call-to-action at the end of your video. Additionally, make sure you have clear branding throughout your videos so viewers know which company they should look for when they’re ready to purchase something.


Short form video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools for brands looking to engage with their customers in meaningful ways that drive sales conversions. From Amazon’s addition of video capability on product pages, to Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts – creating engaging short form videos presents an exciting opportunity for businesses looking increase visibility online and create stronger customer relationships. It’s time start thinking about how short form video can help take your business’s digital presence to the next level!