Algorithms power online advertising. Social media gathers intel on users. Then, that information helps curate customer experience. Google, similarly, creates a profile over time. So, the user receives tailored search and advertising results. Perhaps no algorithm knows the consumer better than Amazon. To increase sales and brand awareness, Amazon Ads are an essential tool.

Amazon offers different marketing tools, depending on your goals. For instance, Sponsored Product ads drive traffic to a particular product. In contrast, Sponsored Brand ads attract attention to your brand’s entire catalog. Display Ads reach a broader audience. Posts are a new, shoppable visual feed. Finally, Video Ads are commercials for current streaming services.

Advertising is key to building product sales. Reaching your audience is essential. Here, we will highlight Amazon’s various advertising options. Utilizing these can bolster your brand success in the eCommerce marketplace.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product ads appear above search results. These ads are hyper-targeted. They show up when a customer types a relevant search term. These only appear to customers who have shown a direct interest in a similar product. It appears just like a product listing. The only indicator is a small “sponsored” tag under the product image.

Utilizing Sponsored Product Ads elevates the position of your product. If your goal is to capture and increase sales, this is a fool-proof tool. Your ad will target relevant search results. Consumers who are browsing and intend to purchase will see your listing. These ads are PPC. Set your price, target specific keywords, and watch the sales increase.

Sponsored Brand Ads

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, create Sponsored Brand Ads. These displays contain your logo, a brief sentence, and three select products. A logo click directs the customer to the custom landing page for your brand. A product click will bring them directly to that product’s page. The branded shopping experience introduces new clients to your name and product offerings. Sponsored Brand Ads appear at the top of the search page as a full banner.

Sponsored Display Ads

Targeted Display Ads tap-back customers. These ads appear to people who have shown interest in a product before. These ads direct to customers didn’t commit to the purchase. When a customer is browsing, these ads display on the page. It is a gentle reminder that they previously showed interest. Display ads are a “win-back” campaign. They catch customers who aren’t searching for your product at the time.

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts are currently in a beta testing phase. To be invited, you must be in the Amazon Brand Registry. Posts show up in the mobile app and on mobile web. Ad placement is automatically applied to your brand’s feed. Also, posts display on relevant detail pages. These ads rely heavily on a visual component. They operate much like scrolling through social media. Your image has only a second or two to capture your audience. If it’s attractive, it might get a click.

Amazon Video Ads

Amazon offers both OTT (over-the-top) and Out-Stream video ad options. These help you get your brand message across with visual and audio components for a more engaging experience.

OTT video ads are commercials with a more targeted customer base. Consider that most consumers watch shows today on a streaming service like Prime Video, IMDB TV, or FireTV. The difference is that Amazon can tailor commercials to appeal to the audience. With customer insights and purchasing behavior, your brand will engage audiences that matter. OTT Video Ad Campaigns report a 44% increase in product page visits. These ads may show up on Smart TV, tablet, mobile, or desktop.

Out-Stream videos appear on Amazon’s affiliated sites and subsidiaries. By reaching outside of the direct Amazon audience, you have the potential to capture new customers. These video ads include in-feed, in-article, in-banner, and interstitial videos. These ads reach customers on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Using Amazon Advertising to Build Brand Sales

Search engines offer highly intelligent data capture of current customer profiles. Algorithms power a personalized sales experience for each individual. These tools improve the customer’s experience and the brand’s ability to reach the appropriate audience. When it comes to customer buying behavior, Amazon’s intel can’t be beaten.

Amazon offers a wide variety of advertising options. To capture your audience, you can utilize a combination of these features. Therefore, you should consider your brand and your goals when setting up these ads. If you are looking to increase product sales, sponsored product ads and display ads are ideal. Sponsored Brand Ads, Posts, and Video Ads can bring more awareness to your brand.

Out-Stream and OTT videos, as well as Posts, have a very prominent visual component that can attract new clients to your brand. Consider your goals and diversify your advertising in order to increase sales, enhance your brand’s visibility, and get more clicks.

A proper mix of these ad campaigns will bolster your sales on Amazon.