Phil Masiello Launches New Digital Marketing Agency to Help E-Commerce Stores Acquire Customers

(Location, date) Helping E-Commerce and Amazon sellers expand their businesses and increase profitability. E-Commerce and digital marketing expert Phil Masiello is proud to announce the launch of digital marketing agency, ClicBlox. ClicBlox was founded to help eCommerce and Amazon sellers improve their businesses and increase sales. Clicblox develops marketing strategies that are specifically tailored toward their needs. Very few marketing firms know how to help eCommerce companies scale both online and on the Amazon marketplace.  Therefore, ClicBlox utilizes innovative PPC and SEO strategies that produce results quickly, and effectively. Although launched recently, is growing rapidly, attracting e-commerce brands, Amazon sellers and mobile app providers.

ClicBlox helps Amazon businesses and eCommerce brands market their products. “We implement a custom plan around our clients budget and goals”. Services include digital strategy, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, social media marketing, mobile applications, email marketing, amazon marketplace sales, website conversion optimization and more.

Building a Team

The team at ClicBlox is entrepreneurial and have been selling through a variety of eCommerce platforms. They have tested hundreds of different strategies throughout their careers.  They understand the marketing methods that work effectively and efficiently. Brands do not sell well on their own.  With the right methods, the sky is the limit for eCommerce sellers.

Phil Masiello

ClicBlox was founded by Masiello after he sold and Raw Essentials Skincare, both of which were successful omni-channel brands. He has learned through both successes and failures which marketing methods work and which ones to avoid.


According to Masiello, “I was approached by fellow entrepreneurs who asked for help marketing their brands. They were spending money with PPC, SEO, Social and Digital firms but were getting sub par results. Most of the “experts” were following a basic, one size fits all formula. These “experts” did not have the skill sets to look at digital marketing in a unique way.” Masiello’s client list piled up due to the positive results his team provides.  So he started a company fully dedicated to the service.


With expertise in e-commerce, Amazon selling, DRTV and Shopping Channels, ClicBlox has been able to increase revenue, reduce customer acquisition costs, drive sales online and make better use of PPC spend for the clients it serves.