Improve Your Organic Search Traffic With These 5 Tips

I look around the landscape of my circle of internet entrepreneurs with eCommerce sites or mobile apps and they all are complaining about the same thing; how to get more sales from their ad spend. Far be it for me to stay quiet for long. So I always start with this line. “You know, the largest traffic driver to your site is organic search, unless of course, you are Amazon. But the amazing thing is that 95% of that traffic is probably driven by organic search versus paid search. But it sounds like you spend more time on paid than you do on organic. Am I right?”

There are 5 quick things you can do to improve your organic search traffic pretty quickly.

Linking Keywords To Pages

The algorithm used by Google was founded on something that was known as PageRank. PageRank was used to determine the importance or relevance of a website based on the quality and number of links that a webpage had pointing to it. This was way back in the ‘dark ages’ (1996). However, the principle used by PageRank continues to be the central principle used by Google today even after various advancements to its algorithm.

Interlinking your website where possible is, therefore important. If you have identified specific keywords that you use to improve the ranking of your website, ensure that you link them where possible. Don’t overuse a given anchor text though. Ensure a good mix of anchor text, from brand names, long tail keywords, LSI keywords and even a string of words near your main keyword.

Use Your Google Webmaster Tools

It’s Free! Use it. There are plenty of tools available for webmasters to help them streamline their SEO strategies. Some of these tools are expensive to use. However, they offer much of the same services that Google Webmaster Tools offers.

Use Google Webmaster Tools to view impressions, click through rates and much more statistics to help you improve your SEO strategy. You can even filter down results to a country or local audiences. This will help you improve your local SEO strategy.

Social Media Profile Optimization

Having profiles on social media platforms such as Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook is vital for increased visibility. However, competition for visibility on social media platforms is high. You, therefore need to ensure that you stand out of the crowd and get noticed. You can do this by simply including highly targeted keywords in your social media profiles. Targeted keywords such as ‘window cleaning San Francisco Company ’instead of ‘window cleaning’ will contribute heavily to improving your ranking.

Publish Fresh Content to Your Site And Freshen Old Content

This is one of the simplest things to do but highly effective in improving SEO. If your blog or website has dropped in its rankings, you can improve the ranking by redoing some of your on-page SEO. You simply need to add some more content to the content that is currently on your web pages then change the date of publishing to a more recent date.

Why does this work? This hack works simply because search engines love fresh content. Making these simple changes to content that you have already published on your blog or website will easily boost your rankings on search results pages.


Getting positive reviews from customers is important for SEO today. People trust reviews by customers more than they do the information provided on a website. Getting backlinks from customers is also just as important for organic search.

Getting backlinks by requesting your customers to write reviews is not always easy or possible. However, there are other ways to get backlinks. You can, for example, write reviews about customer products or services and include your link in your guest post.

Search engines view these backlinks as a vote of confidence in your website. They increase the authority of your domain. They can also provide you with referral traffic. Increased authority in an industry will increase your ranking for your target keywords.