10 Great Email Conversion Tips To Improve Sales

Email marketing is a dinosaur by Internet marketing standards. In fact, some businesses feel like they can forego emails in favor of newer, more exciting avenues of reaching customers. Email marketing is improving everyday.  It is a powerful tool to improve customer retention and sales.  So I am providing my own email conversion tips that have proven successful over the years.

This is a big mistake. Emails can still have a lot of impact on visits, sales, reviews, and ongoing patronage. Plus, there are some big changes on the horizon that could revolutionize the way recipients interact with emails. The trick, of course, is getting people to convert.

Attention-grabbing subject

Click-through requires, first and foremost, that email recipients actually open the emails you send. Your subject line is therefore crucial. There are huge amounts of data on how to craft killer subject lines for emails, but the place to start is with precision of language. Be concise and give readers a reason to open your email.

Tailor content

Metrics, tracking tools, questionnaires, and so on can tell you a lot about leads and customers, providing the opportunity to create dynamic content that is tailored to individual locations, preferences, and more.


I shouldn’t be surprised to see my name at the head of an email anymore, and yet, I am shocked every time I get an email from a company I’ve never done business with and they know my name (which is not the same as my email address, by the way).

It catches my attention every time. The point is that you need to personalize content. If your emails still start with “Dear Customer”, you’re losing an opportunity to connect and engage your audience.

Keep it clean

Is there anything worse than opening an email and being confronted by clutter? Guess what recipients do. They hit delete. The Internet is a visual medium, so creating an attractive layout and visual appeal is just as important as the message you’re delivering.

Make content scannable

If I wanted to read, I’d pick up novel. Email recipients scan content to find the most important information and see if they’re interested enough to read more. Summaries, short sentences, and white space make emails more scannable, attractive, and engaging.

Pack a punch with graphic elements

Like any type of content, less is more when it comes to graphics. Choose high-quality images over quantity every time.

Get interactive

This is one of my best email conversion tips.  It is going to be huge moving forward, especially with more email platforms upgrading to allow for interactive content (with Gmail leading the charge, no surprise). Okay, so what the heck are interactive emails?

Basically, you can add interactive elements that are commonly seen on a website or search results, such as carousels and image galleries, sliders, and even hamburger menus. When users click on these elements they can access additional content.

This allows you to pack a lot more information into every email without ruining your layout with loads of clutter. Plus, it gets users clicking, engaging with your content and increasing the odds of conversion. Just be aware that not every email platform supports interactive emails yet.

Get casual

Email sales pitches are out. Shockingly, people don’t like solicitation. The new way to create email content is with a casual, conversational tone that helps readers to relax and relate to you as a person, rather than a faceless, corporate entity. Building personal relationships started a while back with content marketing, and continues in email marketing with a more casual tone.

CTA placement

You don’t necessarily have to place your call to action at the end of your email. Why not let recipients know what you expect right away by placing the CTA at the top of the message instead?

If leads on your email list are already familiar with your brand and products, there’s a good chance expedience will work in your favor. Cutting to the chase by placing the CTA above the fold, so to speak, could increase engagement and click-through.

Automate emails

If you want to save some time and still get important email marketing messages to leads and customers, automation is the answer. You’re probably already sending out welcome emails, abandoned-cart follow-ups, confirmations, periodic newsletters, and more. Another of my powerful email conversion tips is to focus on customer retention with your automated emails.

With the right software, these form letters can be automated and personalized, saving you a lot of time on keeping up communications and generating conversions through emails.