How to Check If You’re Buy Box Eligible

The Buy Box is the heart of each product page on Amazon, and it’s the most coveted piece of real estate for every Amazon seller. This name is used to refer to the ordering options shown on the upper right quadrant of a page, which shows the price, shipping options, and the big yellow button for placing an order. You can only get your sales listing published here by meeting specific performance-based requirements as a professional Amazon third-party seller.

5 Keys To Winning The Amazon Buy Box

General Standards

To prevent gaming of the system, Amazon doesn’t release the precise requirements that sellers must meet in order to qualify for Buy Box Eligible Status. However, there are a few factors known to disqualify Amazon sellers, including:

  • Breaking any of the rules set forth for sellers, including compensating reviewers, violating advertising standards, or manipulating prices
  • Lagging in shipping times
  • Making shipping mistakes, such as sending the wrong product or an incorrect quantity
  • Using an individual selling account rather than registering for the professional selling plan.

Checking Your Eligibility

Trying to determine if you’re hitting the high standards for customer service and inventory levels? It’s easy to see whether your listings are eligible to land in the Buy Box or not. First, check the product page itself to see if you appear as the main listing or one of the ‘More Buying Choices’ slots. When there’s no sign of your listing, sign into your account and open the Inventory Management tab. Click on the Preferences button located on the right side of the page, then choose the Buy Box Eligible option from the Column Display tab. Missing out on any key categories or products? Let Clicbox optimize your product pages and Amazon seller plans to reach the top of the sales charts.