The Growth Of Third-Party Sellers on Amazon Is Astounding

Amazon first started back in 1995 selling books and then music. I often wonder if they envisioned how powerful their third-party sellers would become on their platform. A quick review of their press through the first 5 years was focused on the killing off book stores and music retailers. Today the press is focused on how big Amazon can become and how other eCommerce e-tailers can compete with them.

Third-Party Seller Statistics

Amazon’s growth of third party sellers is not new news. But how much they truly impact the eco-system is. Third party sellers account for close to 82% of total sales and 50% of total units paid for Q3 2016.

Statistic: Percentage of paid units sold by third-party sellers on Amazon platform as of 3rd quarter 2016 | Statista
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What needs to be considered along with this growth trajectory, is the growth of the Amazon platform as well. Over the same time period, Amazon’s sales have almost doubled!

Statistic: Net revenue of Amazon from 1st quarter 2007 to 3rd quarter 2016 (in billion U.S. dollars) | Statista
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Close to 60% of all eCommerce sales are occurring on Close to 52% of all product searches begin on Amazon, surpassing even Google.

There is an old saying if you can’t beat them, then join them. We look at these numbers continually. As successful sellers on the marketplace ourselves, we know the power of the Amazon platform. We make sure all of our ecommerce clients are selling on Amazon as well. You have to sell on Amazon today. That is where the customer is and you have to give your products the best chance of being seen.

In many ways, Amazon is a more efficient sales channel than your own eCommerce site driving sales with Adwords. Amazon is not an either or, but another channel. That is how you need to think about it. Most of the largest brands in the world are selling on Amazon. We have added close to $4 million in incremental and profitable sales for our clients by showing them how to effectively sell on the Amazon marketplace.

If you are not selling on Amazon now, you should be and we can help you.