Proven Ways To Increase Amazon Product Views That Still Work in 2017

Working hard to increase Amazon product views requires an understanding of Amazon SEO. You don’t have to become an Amazon SEO expert, but understanding the Amazon search engine will help increase amazon product views for your listings.  This will lead to better product search rankings and increased sales.

In the early days of third-party selling on Amazon, it was a virtual wild frontier with few rules and plenty of tactics for getting ahead. Years of experience has caused the world’s eighth largest retail platform to institute a wide range of limitations.  These limitation and restrictions impact what Amazon sellers can add to their product descriptions, product titles, bullet points and keywords. Using outdated advice leaves you following mistaken tactics that actually work against your search rankings and overall success as a seller on Amazon. Polish up your knowledge of how to increase Amazon product views by picking up four enduring tips for increasing traffic to individual product pages. These 4 ways to increase Amazon product views will help your product page rankings and sell more product.

Direct Linking

When you go through the trouble of creating a freestanding eCommerce store or website, it’s tempting to try to drive traffic through your website and onto your Amazon product pages. Although this seems like a logical way to increase Amazon product views, it actually hurts your product ranking.  This approach reduces your impact at Amazon itself and keeps your products further down in the search results. Pointing your links directly to specific product pages rather than general parts of your website results in more referral traffic.  This increased product page traffic leads to a higher search ranking placement.

Keep Titles Tight

The key to selling on Amazon used to be stuffing as many relevant keywords as possible into your product titles.  Amazon has been cracking down on that practice. They first instituted varying character limits on certain categories.  They have since moved on to a blanket limit of 200 characters for all product listings in July of 2015. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to invest even more into keyword research to identify the right terms to use in those high-value real estate spots like the title. Slipping up and going even one character over the limit will leave your listings intact but hidden from search, rendering them useless except as direct links.

Switch to Sponsored Ads

For years incentivized Amazon product reviews were tolerated with discretion.  These product reviews could make or break a product’s success on Amazon. If you’re still introducing new items but no longer want to run afoul of the latest rules against these types of reviews, you’ll need to switch your focus to sponsored ads instead. Whether you choose to invest what you used to spend on reviews for Google Ads or Amazon native ads, you’ll need the same deep keyword research to get your ads in front of the right buyers.

Automate Cyclical Adjustments

Rotating your stock through timely sales cycles and price adjustments can help you stay in the Amazon Buy Box. This also helps get in front of more consumers ready to purchase.  Ultimately you will see an uptick in both general traffic and sales conversions. Amazon’s algorithm prioritizes sales volumes, product reviews, and ratings. So, it is essential to stay on top of those metrics.  Refresh stagnant products that have sunk to the bottom of their respective listings. There are plenty of software and service options for staying on track with cyclical adjustments to product listings.  However, none of them can provide the same services as Hound Dog Digital when it comes to optimizing product page content.

Unlike Google, Amazon does not tell us what they look for in the Amazon search algorithm.  But we do have some clear hints.  We know an optimized product title, high-quality product images, an optimized product description and great product reviews increase Amazon product views.  This ultimately leads to higher rankings for your products.

WIth Amazon accounting for over 50% of all product searches, any consumer product company needs to be present on the marketplace.  For the simple reason, that is where the customer is.  If you want to grow your sales, Amazon’s marketplace offers a great opportunity.

Don’t have the time to handle every optimization task for your Amazon retail empire? Get the help you need from the experts at Hound Dog Digital. Our team will help you achieve your eCommerce dreams.  We want to help you get a bigger slice of the annual $100 billion Amazon sales pie.