Personna Razors

Personna has a long history of innovation in wet shaving. The brand continues to expand their line of products with a focus on quality and integrity. As retail trends evolve, Personna stays at the forefront of their category. Personna teamed up with CrunchGrowth. With a focus on customer experience, we are increasing brand and e-commerce visibility.

Project Brief

Personna’s legacy is well-established in the shaving industry. The brand sought to bring their product into the digital marketplace with an authentic representation of their history. Together, we worked to elevate their brand visibility on e-commerce channels. Additionally, we sought to build a social media personality that personified the brand.


  • Products on 1st Page of Amazon Search
  • Increase Product Rankings
  • Increase Brand Visibility
  • Increase Social Media Engagement

The Method

The goal of our partnership with Personna is to elevate their brand by emphasizing their reputation of quality. Personna has been in the razor business for over a century. In a web-based retail environment, many factors contribute to a brand’s visibility. Working with Personna, we emphasized their strengths to build the most effective content. Using a data-driven approach, their listings gained traction and their brand popularity increased. Personna puts an emphasis on customer satisfaction. We seek to consistently provide an authentic representation of their brand to reach a broad audience of satisfied clients.

The Results

  • Items ranking in Top 100 of Respective Categories
  • ACoS consistently under 20%
  • Conversion rates over 15%
  • Products on the 1st page of results