Reinventing Shaving From the Skin Up

The MOW™ Razor — patented shaving technology that combines the closeness of a blade with the convenience of an electric razor.

  • Patented Roller Blade provides unparalleled comfort.
  • Finally, a real alternative to messy wet shaving
  • No risk of nicks, pulls or cuts
  • A great shave on the go
  • USB-C chargeable
  • Replaceable shave heads to keep your shave fresh and clean
CrunchGrowth partners with MOW Razors. an innovative razor company

Project Brief

With its patented Roller Blade, MOW offers the face-friendliest shave you’ll ever experience. Unlike traditional electric devices which tug and pull — causing redness and irritation — MOW glides over the skin with ease.  And there’s no need for shaving creams, gels, or oils. MOW does the job of a multi-blade manual razor without any risk of nicks or cuts.


  • Prove Demand and Viability

  • Increase Product Visibility

  • Improve Brand Recognition

  • Build Social Media Accounts

The Method

CrunchGrowth used a Kickstarter to gauge consumer demand for the product; test the price points; test the marketing message; and get user feedback after the backers received their product.  This provided valuable insight into the product prior to moving into full production mode so product improvements could be made. 

The Results

  • The razor had favorable reviews from users

  • The product hit the Kickstarter goal in less than 12 hours

  • Feedback allowed for improvement of messaging and advertising

  • Use of Kickstarter saved time and money pre-launch