Gaea is dedicated to environmental sustainability. Their devotion to Greek tradition and ethical agricultural practices is the core of their brand. Gaea’s products are always additive and preservative free. Named after Mother Earth herself, Gaea seeks to honor and celebrate the flavors of nature.

Project Brief

As an international brand, Gaea approached CrunchGrowth in order to improve brand visibility in the US market. Together, we are focused on building their Amazon presence. In addition, our team worked closely with Gaea to build a website that represented their company’s culture and values.


  • Improve Amazon listings
  • Secure the brand on Amazon
  • Build an e-commerce site
  • Manage Amazon account

The Method

CrunchGrowth works closely with Gaea in many aspects of operation. We work to ensure proper brand representation on the Amazon marketplace. In addition, our team maintains the company website and keep up with customer issues and inquiries.

The Results

  • Consistent improvement in Amazon sales
  • New e-commerce site
  • Brand secured on Amazon Marketplace
  • Improved rankings for products