Edgewell Personal Care is a trusted family of brands known for quality. Their reputation is backed by centuries of growth and innovation. Edgewell strives to exist on the cutting edge (pun intended). E-commerce changed the retail environment. Edgewell sought CrunchGrowth’s expertise to adapt their quality products to the world of digital marketing. Their success in the digital marketplace is a collaboration of our data-backed strategy and their products’ integrity.

Project Brief

Retail has gone digital. Superstores have transformed from brick-and-mortar to vast online marketplaces. This convenience has made it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for. Edgewell recognized the change in retail trends. As advertising and marketing change, the strategy must adapt. CrunchGrowth worked to translate Edgewell’s message to tech-savvy consumers in today’s digital market. 


  • Bolster Amazon Performance

  • Increase Product Visibility

  • Improve Brand Recognition

  • Build Social Media Accounts

The Method

CrunchGrowth uses a data-driven strategy to consistently improve performance and gauge success. By analyzing search terms and observing consumer trends, our team created content to improve product visibility and increase conversion. Sales growth from this foundation is exponential. 

The Results

  • Two Products Rated Top 5 in Respective Categories

  • Items Ranking in Top 100

  • Maintain Consistent ACoS Under 20%

  • Product Conversion Rates Over 15%