Founded in 1993, Dave’s Gourmet has been leading the way in the hot sauce and pasta sauce categories for three decades strong. The company’s portfolio includes hot sauces that range from the iconic Dave’s Insanity Sauce– the original “hottest sauce in the universe, to Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, Scorpion Sauce, and Carolina Reaper Sauce, among other super-hot sauces.

CrunchGrowth Daves Gourmet Client

Project Brief

Dave’s has built a strong retail presence over the years.  But e-commerce has been less of a focus.  They came to us to improve their website, e-commerce business and Amazon selling results.  Using a combination of ads, social media and building a healthy email list, the foundation for growth is set. 


  • Prove E-commerce and Amazon Demand and Viability

  • Increase Product Visibility Online

  • Improve Brand Recognition

  • Build Social Media Accounts

The Method

CrunchGrowth increased the sku count on the website and Amazon and included multi-packs that increased the average sale significantly.  Re-aligned social media to focus on the items that are most often purchased by the customer; obtaining UGC and developing a broad influencer network focused on cooking. 

The Results

  • Dave’s Gourmet has been a well known brand for over 30 years

  • Dave’s has been able to expand into other categories other than hot sauce

  • Focus imagery for social and ads on short form video had a positive impact

  • Amazon has improved the visibility and sales of the brand.