Amazon Seller Account Management

If you’re a brand today, you need to sell on Amazon. 82% of US households have an Amazon Prime membership and use Amazon as a first shop stop. This opportunity is great for your business. We’re here to help. We are great e-commerce and Amazon marketers because we’ve been successful sellers. We can help you become a successful Amazon seller, too. Our data-driven approach relies on research and statistics. With this in mind, we use many resources to gather statistics and put that data to work and apply it to product listings. This intelligent strategy pays off.

How To Be A Successful Amazon Seller

Keep in mind, no other e-commerce marketplace can compare to Amazon. Online shoppers choose Amazon for its convenience. In addition, Amazon is designed to be customer-centric. As a result, no other online e-commerce site has as many customers. In order to be successful, you need to capture those customers. We do so by studying specific data and tools.

Success on Amazon will transform your business. Many brands have become multi-million dollar sellers on the marketplace. We have helped many clients become successful on Amazon. Consider that consumers do 57% of all of their product searches on 3rd party seller listings account for 70% of the products sold on Amazon.

Successful Amazon Seller
Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Is A Customer-Centric Marketplace

FBA stands for “Fulfilled By Amazon.” In other words, listing products FBA means Amazon handles order fulfillment. They also handle shipping and customer service issues. When you list an item, you simply ship the product to their warehouse. They take care of the rest.

With over $120 billion in annual sales, Amazon wields power online. They have built trust and loyalty with their customers. For convenience, they store buyers’ payment information for speedy checkout. Prime members get two-day shipping on all Prime-eligible orders.

These conveniences have built a loyal customer base. Today, many people go to Amazon first for all of their needs. These loyal customers are available to you. All you have to do is offer your product on Amazon. These listings expose your brand to a large audience.

At first, surrendering control of fulfillment may be uncomfortable. However, many Amazon sellers find that the site makes their lives easier. Amazon’s FBA program is efficient and streamlined.

Successful Amazon Selling

Every month, we see new success stories from our clients selling on Amazon. With our data-driven approach, new sellers can see five-figure sales number. Our data-driven approach works by utilizing network intelligence. If you think you’re too late to the game, you’re wrong! With the proper listing, your product can climb the ranks.

Don’t let the size of the Amazon Marketplace intimidate you. In truth, your product can compete and win. Two million sellers have products on Amazon. Over a billion different products are sold worldwide through the site. Amazon has 175 million monthly viewers. In spite of these statistics, success is possible with proper listings. Remember, your brand can carve a niche.

Last year, Amazon shipped 16 million products from 3rd party sellers. They demonstrate a 50 percent growth rate year-over-year. Amazon won’t slow down any time soon. It’s safe to assume that numbers will grow again this year.

Listing on Amazon is competitive. For this reason, you can’t list an item with a generic description. Quality brand and product content are necessary for conversion. It’s not too late to get your product listed on Amazon. Don’t skimp on marketing and advertising if you want to be successful.

Our approach to the Amazon marketplace contains many layers. Above all, research and data guide our every move. We study customer behavior. We optimize the product pages for the current trends. These listings are paired with well-executed advertising. In short, we create data-backed content.  This combination will make you a successful Amazon seller.









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